About “Forkifoon”

If you have ended up on this page, I guess you want to know who is behind “Forkifoon”?

My name profileis Lisa, turning 32 this March, Mother of little M (turning 2 this April) and Mini 2 is eagerly awaited for the end of March. I’m married to the best Husband F (but doesn’t every woman say that) since 2 years. But we actually we stick together since we turned 18.

I’m addicted to good food and also to dining culture. My favorites are the Japanese, Italian, Oriental and last but not least the Austrian cuisine. Regarding the Austrian cuisine, I would say that it is totally underestimated! Many People from abroad believe that we eat Apple Strudel, Schnitzel, Knödel (Dumplings) and Sauerkraut and drink coffee all day long IF they even know where Austria is located. But the Austrian cuisine offers so much more – it does have such a huge variety and potential thanks to all the different influences over time.

Further I am not a huge fan of way to fancy ingredients. On the one hand I do not want to spend a fortune for stuff like truffle oil, foie-gras and the like and on the other hand I believe that you don’t need any of these to actually cook good food. I always try to use regional and seasonal, organic products. I think it is important to support local producers and stores. But I also have to admit that M loves Bananas, F and I crave for Orange Juice at Breakfast and also coffee or tea doesn’t grow in Austria. In this cases I try to buy them at least organic and fair trade.

For me, Food is so much more than just a tool to fill up the belly. I enjoy it every time to prepare a meal for my family and friends and I think that is so satisfying when everyone is happy and in good mood, sitting around the table.

From time to time I have a more or less creative “flash”, like I love to knit, crochet and sew stuff and also drawing and doing some handicrafts with M is a huge part of my life. So this will also be part of the blog.

So, Thanks for stopping by!

All the best,

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